Are you doing conscious acts of peace, kindness and compassion?

August 8, 2018
What vibration do you take into all of your connections, your relationships, your interactions and your decisions? Many of us, from the pressure to be perfect, from the internal stress that we place on ourselves to be further along, to do better and to achieve more are violent. Violence is a by product of our overwhelm and our expectations. We are violent towards ourselves whenever we accept less than we deserve, when we don’t engage in healthy and reciprocal relationships, when we don’t do enough self care. 
We are violent when we hold on to grudges, when we are slow to forgive and we are not polite to our fellow man. We are violent when we judge, when we criticise and when we project our ideas and opinions on to others. I bet you haven’t see these activities as violent, but they are…
Any time that we do not engage with ourselves or others from a place of love, compassion and kindness we engage in violence. The violence is vibrational, we feel it from others and we feel it ourselves through the tension and dis-ease in our bodies. We don’t have to live with this tension, we don’t have to compete with others, fight for our places or compare ourselves to others to find our place in the world.
Instead we can choose love, we can choose to be present, to be peaceful and to live in a place of kindness. This can only be achieved when we don’t feel scared – scared that we are not enough and scared that life is not what we think or thought it would be. Feeling safe in the world and knowing that you are enough brings you to a place of safety. You don’t have to fight other people for your place or position and you don’t have to be afraid of things not working out as you have anticipated. You can be at peace, where you are, knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
Living with greater kindness enables you to feel less stress. When you reach and look for gratitude instead of complaints you know you have achieved this frequency. Kindness comes from accepting people as they are, seeing others as the same as you, knowing they have strengths and weaknesses just like you and not needing to be better than them. Compassion involves stepping out with love to include others, to show patience and tolerance for the differences between you and another person.
Peace is the achievement of being in the present knowing your value, being grateful for what you have and being trusting of what will come. When we live in this place of trust and knowing our value and that what will come will come we can just enjoy the process. We can connect with other people more authentically and we stop the vibrations of violence. Let this be our intention this week – to be less violent with ourselves and others. To be in love, compassion and peace in every moment and to feel safe for the now and the future. 

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