Compassion, wisdom and acceptance are the great qualities needed in the world.

July 30, 2018
Do you ever feel yourself feeling small? When you look around you at the pace, the pressure, the politics and the forces in the world do you feel part of it or do you feel small and insignificant? Most of us feel small and it comes from a feeling of overwhelm and powerlessness. What can one person do with all the stimulation, the great forces out of our control and the craziness that is on the news?
As we try and discover the purpose and the meaning to everything we get ourselves stuck. We try to explain to ourselves and rationalise the pain, the suffering and the burdens we all live with. The mortgage, the security we need, the friends and relatives we have contention with. The news or fake news – which is it? The people with illness, the time needed to prepare meals for our families, the gym membership we once purchased but haven’t revisited since…
Life is one long list or energetic chasm of chaos isn’t it! No wonder you find yourself scrolling through facebook and instagram feeds looking for a desperate breath of escapism instead of meditating or calling your sister in law like you told yourself you would this morning! Escapism is the desperate last breath to cope with all of this overwhelm…but what are we to do with it all to make our lives more productive?
Step back with me for just a moment and play with the idea that within all of this perceived chaos there is actually order. There is a function, a fluency and a universal energetic force that we don’t need to understand to acknowledge. A universal principle of truth that when you choose it will alleviate all your burden and overwhelm.  There is a plan and you don’t have to understand it, you are safe in every moment, you just have to remind yourself of it. There are forces at work and energies around you that are conspiring FOR YOU not against you. Your only job is to choose and embrace love in all that you do and not create your own resistance.
So what is your role then? We are here to advance, grow, learn and develop in some way every day. Regardless of your beliefs or religious or non religious views there is an advancement at the base of it all. When you take the time to discover and research all the religious diversity that exists on our planet – from the baptists to the Hindu’s to the Buddhists to the Mormons there is one congruent strand that ties them all together. The idea that we are here to love, we are loved and that the soul has a need for advancement, to learn, grow and ascend to a place of peace and understanding about the process of it all.
Within this then we don’t have to have the answers or understand the why’s. We are just here to experience the journey and be part of the process. This feels better already doesn’t it… So how do you feel empowered even more to embrace and enjoy the journey? Step into the love that you really are. Focus on the qualities of love, compassion, acceptance in every moment. To achieve this ask yourself these questions – 
  • How can I be more myself every day, less influenced by the people and ideas of the people around me?
  • How can I serve or add value to the people I am around?
  • In what way do I share my talents and gifts to my family and friends?
  • How can I forgive and let go of any past grievances and grudges?
  • How can I be more present and generous to the people in my life?
The world will change and your life will change when you step further and more deeply into the loving force that you are. All of us have a role to play and a choice to make every day. Disconnect from the overwhelm and focus on the love with me this week, challenge yourself to be bigger and more purposeful than you have been. We can do this!

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