Let go and allow life to do what it does

June 13, 2018
What came first? The chicken or the egg? We don’t know either but they are both here. Such is life – what appears is our reality, however our attitude amongst this determines our happiness.
How happy are you? How much of your time and energy do you spend fighting your current circumstances? We all do it as we are attached to our expectations. We have high and often unrealistic expectations of ourselves, others and life itself. We want things to be easy, to be cruisey and to fall into place, and it does. However it’s often not in our timeline or in the way we expect it to.
When we let go of the need to control and experience less attachment to the present and the future we allow ourselves to enjoy the journey more. We let go and allow life to do what it will do and we trust what comes as being perfect for us and our journey. 
What comes to us in our journey is for our highest good, it enables us to be strong, to embrace change and to grow.. Next time something in your life doesn’t meet your expectations make a decision to embrace it regardless. Ask yourself – how has this shown up for me right now to serve me? In what way could this benefit me or others? How could this make an impact and enable me to grow, what can it teach me? 
These questions seem simple but applying them to your life and circumstances can be harder. Our expectations are often larger than we realise and so we experience disappointment and frustration when things don’t line up. It’s takes maturity to see things differently in that moment instead of becoming angry.
The emotion that fuels our anger is fear, we become fearful when things are not as we expect them to be. Instead of fear that makes us feel unsafe we shift to anger as it’s easier to release a lot of the time. So what are we afraid of? We are afraid of things not being in our control, we are afraid of losing what we have, losing people we love or lost opportunities. We are also afraid that we are not enough, that we are not performing well enough, that we don’t have enough or that we give enough to the people we love.
Ask yourself – what fears are in play for you that make you feel frustrated and angry when things don’t go the way you want them to?
To overcome this fear that creates all of our challenges we must trust the journey, we must trust ourselves and the process of life itself. The truth is – life is here for us, for us to thrive, to experience and grow into better versions of ourselves.
We are all in the same boat, none of us escaped this lesson, trust is one we must all face in every aspect of our lives. Trust life to do what it will do and that you will be ok in that process.
You can do this!

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