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May 14, 2018
Do you know what makes you happy? Do you attach yourself to your possessions, to your surroundings, to your achievements and to the people in your life to feel good about yourself? It’s OK, we do too….
The world teaches us that it is our stuff, our earning potential, our status and our image that matters. It even teaches us to be co dependent in our relationships – needy and placing our happiness as a responsibility to our spouse. Why is this so wrong? How do we escape this kind of mass programming?
SIMPLICITY! Stripping back yourself – no, not clothing – but your real essence to what makes you feel alive, nurtured, whole and powerful…this is where we must start.
Have you ever asked yourself what you really need? Here’s an exercise – you have 15 days to sort through and gather from all of your possessions what you really NEED – how much stuff would you have? I have done this recently…I have moved my family into a 38 foot RV motor home chasing this exact principle – simplicity…
What I have learnt so far is that we don’t need much, but we are deluded that we need everything! The painful irony in this is that we have to maintain, clean, keep up, sort and store all of this stuff and we wonder why we are tired, lethargic, stressed and don’t experience the joy we would like.
I now have a clean house in 15 minutes – I make 3 beds, I change the kitty litter, I vacuum, I wash the breakfast dishes, I sweep the stairs, I put on a load of washing and then I sit on my couch and I have actually started reading a book! Hilarious isn’t it! It took this drastic life change of chasing joy to give myself permission to read! I have read 3 books in 8 days!
Now this kind of extreme is not for everyone but the premise is the same for us all within our minds which is why I am sharing. We clutter our minds even more than our space. What are you holding on to that no longer serves you – that you catalog, maintain, store and keep up….and like me do you feel as overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted when you stop at the end of the day.
Let’s begin to fix this together this week – 
  1. What do I need – what do you really need to bring you happiness, peace and joy? Ask yourself this question and really dig deep – what do you think you need vs what you really need?
  2. What do I want – what do you want, not for others but for yourself. Ask yourself if everyone you love went on vacation and you could only make yourself happy today what would you choose? You don’t have to do anything for anyone else, just you…what would you choose?
  3. What is mine to take care of – what is causing you overwhelm and stress today that is your responsibility. Spend 10 minutes brainstorming solutions – write down everything you can think of. Then decide to either pause and do the same exercise tomorrow for even more clarity or decide on actions to take to create solutions and simplicity.
  4. What is mine to let go of – what are you holding on to that is no longer serving you – LET IT GO TODAY!
  5. Without all of this now what do I choose for myself – now that you are free of all this extra unnecessary mind junk what do you really want to choose today to fill your mind? Get clear and intentional.
Begin tackling these principles this week in your action hours – this can be a daily or a yearly project. Make lists for each of the 5 principles I have spoken about above and let’s really start living simply according to our true nature receiving the rewards of happiness, joy and peace.
We can do this!

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