Step back from your own mind and gain true understanding

March 12, 2018
You know how it feels when you look into the eye of a storm, it’s intense and it has no perspective. The energy is restless, chaotic and it draws you in. Life can feel like that at times. Things can feel like they are building, things can be out of your control leaving you feeling powerless. It can be intense, dark and scary yet it also continue to draw or suck you in.
Have you noticed also that people can be like that. Even drama or business that is not your own, you get sucked into it because of it’s intensity. There is a lesson in both of these scenarios and it’s bigger than just keeping your nose clean and stop peeping over the fence!
Our lives are the direct result of the power we have over our own minds and thoughts. The powerlessness we experience and the drama, gossip and whirlwinds, they actually start in the mind first. And most powerful of all you create them yourself! Without the need for anyone else and their negative influence you can and do continue to create an environment that is dark, scary, intense and powerless.
To really see this accurately we must gain perspective. We have to realise that our life is us. We are not our life. We may feel that we react every day to the outside but instead we actually CREATE the outside…BOOM! Did that hit you between the eyes…
Yes! You have that much influence and power and you get to use that power and influence to create great things for yourself or you can continue to be an ostrich in denial or create the same rubbish you have been. The choice is yours and we are excited to show you the steps.
Step into your power – discover the creation that you hold in your mind and consciousness! Look around you and stop blaming, shaming and projecting. What is in your life is your creation – if you don’t like it begin to create something different. We get one shot at life and we play small every day not stepping up to the plate of creation. Let this excite you and plant seeds of what is possible!
Decide what you want – look around you and work it out! All of us live every day without great awareness of what we want and what we are doing. Instead look around and from what you don’t like and appreciate begin to see the things and changes you are going to create for yourself. It’s true, none of us have the answers or know what the future holds but by determining for yourself today what you love and what excites you, you begin to get closer to the happiness you are craving.
Be passionate and follow through – decide and become activated! Once you decide what you are going to begin to reach for let it excite you! Become passionate and determine to make small gradual changes to change the areas and relationships in your life so that you begin to live in the life you created for yourself. How cool is this! You have the power and have the passion, start creating!  
Love yourself and your new life – celebrate! Once you see and notice for yourself the changes that are around you practice gratitude. Constantly comment out loud or to yourself all the things you are grateful for that make up the life you now love to live in. Gratitude is the fastest and surest way to receive more of the life and passion that you want.
You have one 24 hour cycle every day to begin this process. We are excited to get started with you, if we can assist you in any way to get closer to the life you want please reach out to us. We have a community of like minded people who are already achieving what you are beginning and we have many resources by which we can support your journey.
You can do this!

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