Many us create our own trials and challenges. We fight so much within ourselves and then we fight with the world around us, always creating conflict and discord. True happiness lies in being at peace with what is and trusting all that comes.

February 27, 2018
This sounds simplistic but truly the suffering we experience is always generated by our resistance to what is. Every day we engage in a battle – we try to outsmart God and the universe. We place demands on ourselves, on others and on life that when unmet make us feel disillusioned and frustrated.
Instead we have to let go, trust the process of life and that in every moment we are exactly where we are meant to be. We must disassociate from all resistance. We must think to ourselves – “why is this happening for me” instead of “why is this happening to me.” Everything that appears in our journey is there as it has a purpose and meaning for it being there. It is giving us the opportunity to rise, to grow and to be strengthened. Therefore there is no need for us to detach, change or alter what comes in any way.
How then do we balance for ourselves the desire to improve and have change versus accepting what is? In order to create this balance within ourselves we must make positive intentions, we must strive for excellence and use our determination and drive to work towards change and a positive future. However this has to be achieved without attachment to the outcome so that we do not interrupt our flow. We set positive intentions and then we let go and allow ourselves to receive what comes.
Living in trust means completely accepting all that comes and not feeling disappointed or taken from in any way when things do not meet our exact expectations. Living with this detached positivity brings internal balance. It allows us to live in harmony with the journey and most importantly ourselves.
Internal conflict and struggle can only exist if we do not trust what comes and are not in a constant state of allowing. Instead of the painful resistance and striving sink back and trust the process and focus all your attention to allowing. Allowing creates flow, striving creates resistance.
The simplest way to live in a deeper state of allowing is to be silent, to move gracefully and calmly through every moment. Do not jump ahead, keep yourself grounded in the now and in the knowingness of allowing and trusting the process and journey of life. Each of us can do this, we must choose it moment to moment and flow is the outcome every single time.
You can do this!

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