One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well – Virginia Woolf

January 16, 2018
We all have one body to live in. Now we KNOW this consciously but subconsciously we are still eating and living out of a place of delusion and low self esteem. This is why we binge eat and emotionally abuse our body with food. Consciously choosing to love yourself and subconsciously behaving in the same way takes a lot of skill.
You see you can become all motivated because it’s January to care about your body and how you nourish it but your behaviour is dictated by the old unloving and self sabotaging thought patterns of your past. They are not more powerful but they are faster! Which is why you find yourself at a coffee shop with a loaded frappe and brownie when your day gets tough…
Instead, we have to change our belief system, the way in which we see our bodies and more importantly our lives. Guess what babes! We get one shot! One shot to look after ourselves, to care enough to look after the temple we live in. Poor health comes from food, exercise, hydration and relationships!
If you have undesirable behaviour in any of these areas it will and does affect your health…trust us we know! and we have had to learn the hard way…
If you are not willing to fight for your body, the temple in which you get to experience life at it’s fullest no one will. It becomes essential then to engage in regular self care.
By regular we mean in every 24 hour period what are you doing to INVEST in your life and your body. How do you hydrate, how to do exercise, how much do you perspire, and what do you allow from yourself and others.
Sure, life is about serving and giving to others but first it’s about nourishing the self. This year we are getting super serious about the 24 hour day – making every one of them count and making every decision we make about our life a positive one for our health.
Here is the formula! In every 24 hour cycle take personal responsibilty for the following 10 areas of your life –
Hydration – 3 litres is the goal, 2 litres minimum!
Nurtrition – High raw food and lots of colours and varieties. Try to eat the rainbow and the higher the raw the better it is for your nurtitional levels and your elimination processes.
Perspiration – sweat every day! Whether it’s through exercise, a sauna or just being active out in the sunshine, allow your natural detoxification system to kick into gear and eliminate all of those toxins.
Balance – keep persepctive of what you are allowing and how it is contributing to your life. Remember what you allow you continue and you are only as happy as the healthy of your boundaries in every relationship.
Giving – How are you showing up for others who you love and care about.
Receiving – Are you receiving from those you love and care about, do you show gratitude?
Accountability – What is working and what is not? Implement health analysis, think about what your life looks and feels like and make decisions accordingly…
Sleep – 6 hours minimum, in an ideal world 8 or more is the amount you need to HEAL.
Service – Choose a cause, charity or person to regularly invest in. Invest with money, time, kindness…there are lots of ways you can serve and make a difference.
Mindfulness/Meditation – 20 minutes minimum a day – before you go to work, as you settle down to sleep at night. Pre recorded, or just silence, you get to choose. Make it happen – there is no room for stress this year – you have too much success you are chasing!
Yes, it’s a big list but if 24 hours counts and you make a dent in all of those 10 things. If and when you truly invest in what is most important – self care, self love and living the happiest life possible, you will have the best year of your life in 2018. COME ON!
Let’s do this!

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