Did you know a breakthrough is a break in resistance?

November 14, 2017
You know, there are so many things in life that we can’t control. Truly, if we stop and quantify all of the things we don’t have control over – the weather, other people, climate change, time and the speed in which our dreams manifest…no wonder we are frustrated!
If only frustration did us some good, if only it creates positive change…guess what, it doesn’t and being stuck, unhappy and creating resistance only takes away further opportunities from you.
Therefore, all of us have a choice to make – to step into flow or continue to engage and create resistance for ourselves.
Flow is the feeling of letting go, it’s the vibration we desperately seek to be in but rarely create for ourselves. Flow includes committing these 5 things –
  1. Dropping expectations – in order to really appreciate what shows up and why we have to stop being attached to what we believe is right or better. When we drop expectations we open ourselves up to the miracles of what arrives and the perfect timing in which it is delivered. Expectations are a subconscious behavior that disconnects us from God and the universe, it is a message of mistrust that says ‘I know better’ and ‘things should be my way.’ This mindset costs us time, happiness and success. Surrender to the divine plan and process and really trust what you receive and when. Be open to the process and you will be in flow all the time
  2. Trust – allow yourself to feel safe. The universe truly has your back and you are safe and can trust your life. You are exactly where you are meant to be and you are there as it is what is perfect for you in this moment. There is nothing but fearful motivation that takes us out of trust. Instead sink in, respond with joy and stay centered in the truth that you can trust what you receive and what is coming. This is the true embodiment of flow.
  3. Staying committed to your purpose – be clear about what you are reaching for and why. Keep your intentions pure – centered on love and service and you will always be in flow. When you feel lost or disconnected you move out of flow and start to ask why. In these moments we become the resistance we fear. Instead be clear on your love motivated dreams, goals and aspirations and stay committed more than ever to the fulfillment of all in the perfect divine timing.
  4. Being open to better and bigger solutions – when we receive what is meant to arrive they are always bigger and better than what we could have even imagined. By living in flow you attract and receive the BEST that is possible. Commit yourself to living in this zone, where you are open to your mind being blown away and your life being amplified and lifted up in ways that are beyond your greatest imagination. This is the best place to be – bring it on!
  5. Maintaining an optimistic perspective – in all things remain positive and believe that good things will and do happen. For yourself, for others, for the planet and even for your enemies. Make the decision to embody love and hope by constantly reaching to a place of optimism. This makes you the best you can be and a blessing for others.
With these 5 commitments we can achieve flow all of the time. We can stay out of resistance and really work with God and the universe to create the heart centered life that we all want. Every one of us can achieve this if we are motivated enough. Be motivated by one for yourself and the self belief that you can have all you desire instead of motivated by a fear that you are not enough. I know it sounds challenging but we all can do this, that includes you – you’ve got this!

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