Are you ready to make positive changes in your life?

October 11, 2017
Are you ready? As in really ready? Many of us think that we are ready, we are so desperate to make change and to experience shifts in our lives. We are so fiercely impatient of what could be yet many of us just make a lot of noise. Noise that looks like complaining, asking others for input but mostly just noise wishing and wanting things to be different.
For things to really change we must be ready, ready to take action, to make changes and often sacrifice. Rome wasn’t built in a day – it took hard work, consistency, grit, determination and patience. How many of these qualities do you have that you execute everyday? Or is it just easier for us to complain and stay stuck in the noise?
  1. Hard work – the true definition of hard work is exertion. Exertion is output, it can be emotional, psychological, physical and intellectual. Your output creates your productivity and is what enables you to make progress. Without progress things can’t change. Note this week what level of output you have in each of those categories and make a decision about whether less or more is required of each to reach your goals.
  2. Consistency – doing the same thing over and over and over until it is complete. The is the real opportunity to speed things up. To be really productive it’s best to really be consistent and refine your skills and abilities as you go. Ask yourself what can you improve tomorrow as you do the same things so that you create for yourself maximum output.
  3. Grit and determination- grit is the holding on and buckling down when things get tough. This can be when things don’t look very optimistic, when you are let down or disappointed, when you are tired and disillusioned and even when you receive negative feedback. Do you have the grit needed to change your life? Become emotionally resilient and committed to your goal. How do you show grit and determination towards your goals and dreams?
  4. Patience – this is the most precious virtues of them all, impossible to obtain and must be acquired along the journey. Do you have the patience with yourself and others and the journey to trust the divine timing of your dreams and ambitions? Most of us don’t which means we often give up and walk away just before we receive a breakthrough. Notice your attitude towards patience and your level of trust in yourself and the journey. Without trust patience is impossible, there is such thing as divine timing and wisdom, lean into it and let go…
Truly taking action on these principles will create the transformation you deeply desire. It’s an exciting time of change when you get into execution and you hold yourself accountable to these principles. You will begin to see and feel the change and you will be in a completely different place 12 months from now. You can do this!

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