Do you have a lack of love in your life?

September 17, 2017
To attract more love in your life, it first begins with self love!
Do you ever feel lonely? Are you wanting greater love, acceptance and friendship in your life. To be honest we don’t have a single woman that we coach that doesn’t feel these things at one time or another. I think every day we all want greater peace and contentment and all of us could do with more loving relationships in our lives.
To receive love we have to be love. We have to be the most loving person in the room and try our best to shine our light as bright as we can. Here are the steps necessary to practically achieve being more loving and loving yourself completely –
  1. Drop the self comparison – when we stop looking left and right trying to fit in with others we really give ourselves the space to show up as we are. Unfortunately many of us live in an environment with social media and unbalanced relationships that we often feel like we have to change or adjust to fit in. Once we begin this adaptive behavior we begin to disconnect with our true self and over time it may become so behaviorally familiar that we don’t even realize that we do it. Instead we must choose to be in our own power and place our own identity above needing to conform to others.
  2. Drop the judgement and projections onto others. Do you find yourself opinionated and projecting your ideas on to others. One of the most loving things we can do is live and let live. We are all different and see life through our unique lens. Others are never wrong, they are just seeing life and living according to their lens. When we drop the rights and wrongs and we accept each others differences we become more loving and collaborative.
  3. Give yourself permission to be yourself – above all be yourself. Don’t make excuses or apologies for the brilliant and uniqueness that is the true you. Instead celebrate and embrace diversity and live your life to the beat of your own drum, while also enjoying the drum beats of others. When you truly begin to express your true authentic self your happiness, success and abundance begins to transform.
  4. Love unconditionally and without limitations – step into the true capacity to love all things. Stop all of your complaining and negative commentary. Really love and celebrate everything that is and every one of the relationships in your life. Loving others means finding and appreciating all the joy and possibility of every moment and extracting it. There is so much to love around you when you begin to notice it and love without any limitations.
  5. Accept yourself exactly where and as you are – you are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment of time. Everything is in place, as it’s meant to be and you are in flow. Resist the need to push, be impatient or demand things to change. Instead settle into the present and accept yourself and your circumstances as ideal for you as part of your learning and growth experience. The only power you have is in the present – choose to be present and mindful right now as the most empowering form of love there is.
  6. Choose to be enough – you are enough, there is no need to feel less than others or to compare. Celebrate yourself and drop the fears. Choosing this constantly means you begin to love more and have the courage to step into your future fearlessly.
  7. Find gratitude and happiness in the present – right now there are endless things to be grateful for. Practice the process is loving what you are surrounded by in the present as part of connecting to every moment. You are right where you are and there is great happiness and joy to be found in each moment and season – reach for that appreciation now as greater self love.
  8. Trust the Journey – in all things there is a process and purpose. Instead of living with wonder or resistance to what is trust the process that is at work. There is meaning and opportunity around you always and when you step into greater truth you can love the growth and the process of your life revealing itself to you.
Every day we can all choose to make changes in our mindset, attitude and behavior that will  enable us to be more loving and accepting of ourselves. When we can achieve this consistently we achieve a greater level of inner peace and contentment and also show up for others much better. It takes practice for sure but you really can love yourself and attract more love into your life right now – you can do this!

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