How do I deepen my level of self awareness

September 11, 2017
The only thing that is constant in the universe is change. We either resist change or we embrace it – which one is correct for you? The suffering and frustration we live with every day is a result of us being in resistance to what is. The only solution to adjust this in mindset, behavior and attitude is to become self aware.
Self awareness is the key to embracing change with a growth mindset and living peacefully in the present with what is. Self awareness is a skill that we must all develop, we must choose and actively engage in it every day and over time it will dramatically change your outlook on your life.
Here are 3 ways that you can increase and deepen your level of self awareness.
  1. SHUT UP! Yes I know, this sounds funny but honestly if you just shut your mouth and process the world, your thoughts and your reactions instead of behaviorally engaging in them or having the verbal commentary you will become more in touch with how you really really feel and awareness will result. As long as you continue what you always have – allow your mouth to run in commentary and your behaviors to be on autopilot allowing you to react to life instead of create your life you will never deepen your awareness.
  2. Be still – learn to just be. Sit on a park bench, learn how to be still through meditation of yoga and take the time to really connect with your inner thoughts and emotions. When we are still the voice of truth begins to speak up. If we sit still long enough we will  hear what she has to say and we will become wise with greater and deeper self awareness.
  3. Detach from the opinions and well meaning projections of others – everyone has an opinion on your life, what you should or should not be doing. When you consciously detach from these ideas and opinions of others and tune into yourself and your needs and wants you become more self aware. Self awareness is a tool to create greater happiness for yourself. When you choose to shut out the noise and projections of others there is renewed time and space to understand your own needs. Happiness comes when our needs are met and when we pursue what we love. Diluting the influence of others and getting nearer and clearer to your truth will help you greatly at becoming more self aware.
All of us have the capacity to explore our inner truth and self awareness is the vehicle to achieve this. Take the time, space and necessary measures to make self awareness a priority in your life – greater happiness and balance will be the result!

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