It is time to start taking personal responsibility to manage your mind.

August 28, 2017
What is mind management? We have all heard of mindfulness, that is taking time to check in and connect into your truth and your motives. Slow down a moment and create balance for yourself. Mind management is different, it requires a little more leadership and authority, it is creating and implementing the filter that allows and rejects what comes into your consciousness.
What do you allow into your head? Are you aware of the negativity, positivity, productivity and opportunity that you allow in or are you simply on autopilot trying to get through to the end of the day? Sadly, many women and entrepreneurs are on autopilot. They live in survival mode which means that their subconscious belief systems decide for them what they pursue and give energy to throughout the day.
Mind management is far more practical and involved. It’s the behavioral and thinking patterns of taking ownership of what comes in and what stays out of your headspace. For example, we do not allow any gossip into our consciousness. We make the rule for ourselves not to be in judgement and when we are around others that are gossiping or speaking down on others we consciously choose to reject this information into our mind and adjust our position either emotionally or physically from the conversation.
Life can be hard sometimes, we can feel burdened, overwhelmed, lost, confused…a lot of this overwhelm comes from the stacking of negativity and fruitless mental activity that comes from not consciously managing your mind. To avoid these feelings we must be connected to our truth and follow these 3 simple rules of mind management –
  1. Know what you want – if you are not clear about what you want and where you re going you are less likely to be decisive about what you allow into your mind management. What makes you happy, what keeps you balanced, what goals and dreams are you pursuing and in what way are you looking after yourself. Take some time to write down the answers to these questions to become clearer about what you want and what you will allow into your mind management.
  2. Only accept for yourself the things and thoughts that will make things better – when we feel stuck we can often feel desperate. The greatest way to use mind management to improve your emotions and life is to only allow into your consciousness, your time and your space people, thoughts and information that will make things better. Become a protective gate keeper of your mind and only allow in the things and opportunities that will create progress for yourself.
  3. Make time and space to get clear before moving forward – time alone is essential! What time are your taking for yourself to get clear in your head and your mind management? If you are running flat stick and not taking time to slow down, connect in and get clear before moving forward you will begin to make mistakes and have to put out fires. Take the time and the space each and every week to get clear before moving ahead with decisions.
The great news is that we all have the same opportunity every day to step into greater levels of productivity and boundaries in mind management. Make some time today to follow our tips and see how your stress and overwhelm melts away!

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