Let go of anything from your past that is painful and impacting your now

July 24, 2017
I love to conduct an emotional inventory of my life. What is serving me, what is sabotaging me – how do I feel about my career, my relationships and my passions?
I love the process of really evaluating what I care about. Sometimes life can be a bit like a storage room. You can find yourself acquiring junk that takes up room, emotional junk that makes you sluggish, cause drama and even bring overwhelm and stress. What kind of emotional junk have you acquired lately and are you consciously clearing it out or is it sitting there taking up space and stagnating like the stuff in the storage room.
Life is too short to allow emotional baggage or excess drama and agitation slow you down or rob you of opportunities. To be in flow we must consciously be clearing out. The clutter experts encourage us to take 1 garbage bag of ‘stuff’ out of our storage room all day so that we are consciously letting go of more than we are acquiring. Imagine if we have that attitude to our emotional storage? What if every week we made the efforts to let go of more that is costing you? The results would be amazing! We would have more space for new people, passions, creativity and expression. We would have more emotional energy to pour into ourselves and the people we love!
I would like to set this challenge for us this week – how much can we consciously let go of to reduce our emotional storage, that is costing us time and flow in our lives. Here are the ways to consciously let go –
  1. Drop the victim story! You are where you are because you created it to be – You are totally responsible for your happiness and your circumstances. If you woke up today unhappy it’s because you have too much emotional storage or baggage that you are holding onto. CHOOSE to let go, just like the storage room that is cluttered and full of stuff you don’t need, so is your life – let go and enjoy a new level of emotional freedom.
  2. Forgive yourself and others – one of the easiest ways to create emotionally baggage is to hold on to grudges from the past. Forgive yourself for all of your mistakes and show greater compassion to those who have hurt you. This will clear a new path for you to experience greater love and connection in all of your relationships.
  3. Express yourself – if you feel it, then express it. Honor all of your emotions, either alone or with someone else. Write, draw, cry, dance, exercise – it’s your choice. Work out what works for you and let go through expression, this will lighten your emotional load quick.
Sometimes it’s not until we experience the symptoms of our emotional storage that we are prompted to start releasing and let it go. I believe that it’s something that needs constant maintenance. Are you a person who does big cleans and declutters a few times a year when it just has to be done? Or are you a person who cleans as they go? When it comes to your emotional health and wellbeing cleaning and decluttering your emotional storage is far healthier. Consciously work with me this week to get into new practices of letting go of anything and everything that is not serving you. Create space for greater joy, happiness and success through letting go and creating emotional space for love…

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