There is always a purpose and meaning to everything.

June 28, 2017
What is your attitude to life? Do you believe that you are exactly where you are meant to be or do you feel that life is happening to you randomly and you have no control?
We believe that everything has purpose and meaning and that you are always exactly where you are meant to be. We believe this to be true as there are plenty of opportunities that life proves this to us – we step into opportunities, we experience synchronicity and the right people appear at the right time.
However – we don’t truly appreciate this unless we are mindful of this. We must be aware and co create our lives with the universe. Unfortunately most of us instead have our head down, we don’t notice what is around us and we are too busy complaining about our circumstances. This attitude of negativity detaches us from the universal flow that we have the opportunity to participate in.
Instead of optimizing our positions and co creating with an abundance attitude of receiving we are in resistance reacting to the life that we have. We cannot be in both reaction and creation at the same time. We have to choose! So what can we do to choose this new consciousness for ourselves? We must have an attitude of expectancy. We must believe that the universe is conspiring to help us not to take from us.
Can you adopt that glass half full instead of the attitude of lack? Here are a few ways to quickly shift your attitude –
  1. Be grateful – list 10 things every day that you are grateful for!
  2. Make a decision that the universe is here to help you – not take from you.
  3. Choose an affirmation to recite in your head all day, for example – “my life is getting better and better every day.”
  4. Be generous – give of your time and resources generously – your life becomes more abundant and joyful when you give to others
  5. Make a commitment to serve – make a decision to regularly make a difference in the life of someone who can benefit from your light, your friendship and your talents. When we consistently show up and pour our energy into others our lives dramatically change.
Whether you are a believer yet or not that the universe has everything in your life for a purpose or meaning it’s definitely worth trying on for size this week. Truly! You have nothing to gain but more happiness and contentment from adopting the attitude – it’s worth a try.

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