I trust myself…

March 30, 2017
Do you find yourself looking for information, input and validation from others? How strong is your confidence about your own feels and the decisions you make? Sadly most of us live on autopilot listening to the influences, ideas and input of others and allow these to influence our actions and behaviors.
Many of us never truly stop to check in with our own inner GPS system that determines our own feelings and how it then creates our actions and behaviors. I believe its time that we take charge, we pull the power back from our influences and decide to create influence.
To do this we have to establish trust with ourselves. We have to become clearer about our own feelings and know with certainty the actions we want to take. Sometimes this can be a new concept for many of us. We have for so long gone along with the influences of others and are used to their input. This may be new and uncharted territory for many of us and as such just like building up strength with a muscle it takes practice, repetition and discipline.
Practice – at every opportunity we have to tune into how we feel. Regardless of the decision, whether its what new car to buy or what to choose on the menu for dessert we must give space and follow through without feelings. By following through and taking action we soon begin to trust that our judgment is correct and serves us in both the small and big things in life.
Repetition  – make the conscious choice to repeatedly trust your intuition, that gut feeling about people, things and opportunities. Feel into what your guts says in this moment about what is happening and frequently take action. The way we do one thing is the way we do everything. Repeatedly taking action from your internal guidance quickly establishes trust within yourself.
Discipline – put yourself first! Your happiness, goals and pursuits in life are the most important. Aggressively become disciplined in trusting how you feel ,what you want and why. Very soon you will be happier and more fulfilled than you ever thought possible.
Trust takes time and execution is everything…take the time this week to start building that trust muscle and your life on every level will begin to see the rewards!

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