Shame will weaken you!

March 21, 2017
Shame is feeling like you are not good enough, it’s when we surrender to the unwarranted and uninvited self comparison that weakens us and takes us off track. Many of us can be weakened if not paralyzed by this comparison to others. We spend our time looking left and right, looking for the status quo or norm so that we can blend in.
In doing this we play small, we don’t reach for our dreams and our desires seem too hard or to out of the box to even reach for. Is this a decision you have made? To play small, to blend in and to feel bad about yourself in comparison to others?
Of course we don’t all consciously choose this however this behavioral pattern is at play for most of us. You see, you don’t feel your way to better self esteem in the same way that you don’t feel better about yourself by comparing yourself to others. It’s a choice we all have to make, consistently, to play big and not let shame weaken us.
To be weakened by shame is to lose our drive and our hunger to do things for ourselves that make us feel proud and capable. Its to choose to play small so that we blend in or to even adopt new ways of doing things that are based on the influence or opinions of others.
Have you ever stopped to watch your behavior? Do you march to the rhythm of your own drum or the one that is familiar that is most likely based on shame and playing small. Sadly, most of us spend so much time trying to sit in that shame and it truly has eaten up our dreams and desires.
To reclaim this passion and tenacity to follow our truth and make changes we have to completely adjust our compasses. Instead of measuring ourselves against others we have to measure our progress and make our decisions based on our own true north.
To discover your truth or true north we must strip away the shame and truly step up, claim the space and be the best versions of ourselves. We must step boldly into unknowns and make the decisions to play big consistently and make our own happiness and success all that matters. For more information on how to do this and what steps to take check out our book –

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