When is the right time to let go of things that are not serving you?

March 17, 2017
Ha ha! What an ambiguous question…. How do you know when something isn’t serving you? You feel miserable! You feel stuck, frustrated and you wish something was different. Take a moment and think through all areas of your life and focus on the emotions you feel not the situations or circumstances. In what areas of your life do you feel this way? This is an indication that you need to let go of things that are not serving you.
We all get the opportunity to reset every day. We get to choose how we feel and this affects our ability to be productive, help others and be a source of light and love in the world. Unfortunately so many of us are feeling overburdened by life. We are stressed, overcommitted and feel really frustrated that we are not where we want to be or that things should have already changed for us.
Truth – this is a victim mentality! When we feel like a victim we are in reaction to our life. When we are in co creation with the universe we are carrying our part of the deal, we are co creating with 51% of our life’s choices which in turn makes us feel better and have better outcomes.
So the real question to ask yourself is are you over suffering yet? The pain points we hold in our life can continue to build and build or we can make a decision to be done with it – the choice is really ours. How many people in your life do you look at and wish you had a magic wand so that you could change their circumstances and alleviate their pain? Guess what! You can actually do that for yourself and no magic wands are required.
We can choose and must choose in every moment to suffer less if we want to experience happiness and contentment. The most effective way to do this fast is to let go of what is not serving you.  When we let go we detach and invite change and this is the catalyst to changes in our circumstances. If we are rigid and fearful we invite the same patterns for the same reasons in the future.
Perhaps this powerful saying relates to both business and our personal lives – the most dangerous thing to do is what has always been done. This really speaks to me as I realise the choices I am making are either inviting change by letting go and letting new things in or whether I remain stuck repeating the same things that produce the same outcomes.
We believe it’s time to suffer less and we want to invite you to do the same. This week have awareness around your happiness and frustration and make notes of what you can do differently. Then slowly and consistently choose to let in the new by surrendering and releasing the old. We promise you, your life will be unrecognisable in just a few short weeks as you allow yourself to co create and live happily living your truth…

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