How to take your relationship to the next level

March 6, 2017
Are you in a ‘next level’ relationship? Do you feel fulfilled? Are you having your needs met, do you know what your needs are and perhaps most importantly do you know how to nourish and strengthen the love in your relationships?
These are all questions to ask yourself and components of a next level relationship! A next level relationship is a love that is timeless, that can transition from season and life stage and that has the capacity to grow and strengthen together. In order to achieve this successfully it requires intention and commitment on both parts.
  1. Do you feel fulfilled? Are you truly nourished and in what way do you believe you could be nourished more in your relationship? Do you need more freedom and time to explore your own ideas? Do you need more compassion and patience as you work on solidifying your responsibilities or do you need more love, intimacy and time with your love? Asking yourself how you could be greater fulfilled in your relationship gives you the opportunity to then get clearer about moving forward and making improvements.
  2. Are you having your needs met? Are you clear about what you need to stay balanced and shining in your life? Our relationships are meant to enhance our life experience not take the place of filling our cups or creating codependent behavior. When each of you are clear about your needs how to have them met by yourself and each other you have a frame work in which to correct imbalance. Spend some time discovering your essentials with sleep, alone time, exercise, fun and intimacy so that you can discuss and enhance each others life experience.
  3. Unconditional support – within your love relationship do you have and experience the capacity of being nurtured, supported and encouraged through each of the stages of life? This is really important! Can your love celebrate your success, hold you in your pain and disappointment and encourage you as you strive to personal greatness. This is a critical element to relationship longevity.
  4. Healthy and achievable expectations – what expectations do you have of your love and of your love relationship? Are you both setting realistic and healthy goals and expectations of each other and your partnership. Relationships enhance our life experience, they are not healthy when they dominate or create co dependency. Are you a better person because of your love experience or does your relationship take more work and commitment than you currently have to nurture it?
Next level relationships can be nourished and achieved by every one of us with awareness and intention. None of us can ever be or ever have the expectation of perfection however with the correctly aligned expectations, love and a willingness to grow next level is achievable by us all!

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