Have you ever taken a step back and asked yourself WOW how did I create this life?

December 13, 2016
Have you had that experience? Have you woken up having experienced change in your life? Or maybe you are in the place where you are contemplating change and hungry for something different?
The changes you are longing for begin and end with you. You hold ALL of the power.
Have you ever really stopped to think about the power that you hold? At any moment you can make a decision that will alter your life, the lives of others and most importantly the feelings you feel. We are all that powerful…
What do you do with that power? Do you make positive and consistent decisions or do you shy away from the power and the responsibility and prefer to feel like a victim? We all have the choice in every moment to choose how we feel and how we want to change our lives. Many of our coaching clients have experienced the wow factor. The wow factor is the moment when they made a choice and stepped into this power we all have and actually began changing their life. Maybe you are in that process right now? Maybe you are making a series of decisions and waiting for the timing to be right for the final reveal to arrive?
Life is made of decisions, some big and some little but ultimately one decision after another. You get to engage in this process of participation and create the life and experience the wow factor or you can dismiss it.
Living the wow factor is exhilarating! It’s when you step back and realize that everything has changed, that circumstances and people are in different places as a result of your decisions. You get to feel how powerful you are and try on new things for size. Do you like these changes or are you desiring something different? Guess what! The choice is yours! If you ever feel stuck, frustrated and in need of the wow factor – to create change and be in a different set of circumstances – it’s time to start making decisions!
What an awesome game we are so lucky to participate in every day. You get to create your life and one day step back and experience the wow factor! For now, make a choice to take stock, to feel into what you want and to make a decision to participate.
Miracles and happiness await along with an incredible sense of satisfaction and achievement – let’s play!

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