October 6, 2015

“The ones who find happiness are the ones who don’t make excuses, if its broken they fix it, if its wrong they make it right”

Recently Nic has been reading “No Excuses” a children’s book written by Dr Wayne Dyer. As she has read this to her seven year old it has become clear to her that this is an essential skill that entrepreneurs need to master. We may run corporations, manage teams and know how to work efficiently and produce profit however how many of us are still making excuses?
In the back of this children’s book is a fabulous quiz with scenarios and examples that children need to determine whether the thoughts in their mind are excuses or the truth. I wonder how many of us, if we were to conduct this same exercise on our daily thoughts could do this with honesty?
An excuse is something that you tell yourself that stops you from taking action. Even further from this we as adults can often make other’s or the good opinion of other’s our excuses. This is not fair, not to you and not to others around you.
A scenario of this may be, I can’t take holidays from my business as my staff are not competent enough to run my company without me. This is unfair to your employees and to yourself. It is an excuse! It is your company, therefore it is not your staff’s fault that they are not adequately trained to run the company while you are way, similarly it is definitely not their fault that you cannot take a holiday.
With every excuse that you tell yourself about your business is the opportunity for growth and for making change. If something is broken then fix it. Happiness comes from seeing things materialise and from making progress. Excuses keep you stuck and out of action. They are the perfect projection which allows you to remain a victim to your thoughts. Change your thoughts and then you change your circumstances. Invest in training your staff and building a supportive company culture where it can run without you and you can get the rest and regeneration that you and your company requires.
Incredibly in business we look outside ourselves for answers, most often we have them inside of us all the time. We give a lot of air time in our mind and lives to our excuses. We have them on repeat in our heads, we tell others, we complain to our spouses!
Let’s stop complaining and start taking responsibility to create change. As a daily or weekly exercise write down your problems and the excuses you are telling yourself. From there you can make choices and take action. Most importantly we want to encourage you to stop making everyone else your excuse. This is unproductive to your relationships and really is only the projection of your own unhappiness. This is unfair and is the first place to start when trying to create resolution and bring more happiness and balance into your life and business.

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