September 27, 2015
Many of us can find ourselves in leadership roles before we are ready. Whether it be through exponential business growth, management of a social media community or our staff. Leadership is a skill that needs to be developed like lifting weights in a gym to be able to flex those established muscles.
Leadership can often be misunderstood in the early days as control. We find that we have employees and an exploding business and it can all be very overwhelming and we can see these as parts of our business that need our control. This is a view based on immaturity in leadership and upskilling is an essential part of learning how to manage your business and community growth. Leadership is not control instead it is empowerment. We of course lead our companies with a loving foundation as this is one of our core values, however with this aside leadership is truly the empowerment of others.
Leading is not just through example but also about personal development and you being the model of growth. If you want your company, your staff and teams to grow you must show your own growth. Leadership takes vulnerability along side with honesty as just like little children your staff will be the first to catch you out and know when you are putting on a show!
Rising to the top in leadership requires you understanding your personal motivations. What are your core values and what incentivises you. Once you understand this you can have an idea of relating this to the people you are leading. What are their motives and what do they care about. Once your business begins scaling up if you do not up skill and refine your management you will be left behind. Empowering leadership comes from understanding the people that you are leading, understanding their challenges and what they are incentivised by. It’s no longer just about pushing your brand forward and leading your brand. You need to lead your people and as you lead them they will then move your brand forward.
Company culture is an essential part of this. What are you creating for your brand and your company experience, not just for your customers but for your staff. Why do people want to work with and for you? We coach many companies that have poor staff retention and almost all of the time this is an issue with leadership. Empowered leadership steps you into low turn over and high retention as you truly understand your staff as well as you do your customer avatar. As your teams grow your focus needs to shift from one of brand building to team building. These people become the foundations for your next installment of business growth. Without these key players you cannot scale.
Focus on what you are trying to create, what is your brand experience and company culture. Once you nail this you will have people knocking on your door for you to hire. A wonderful example of this is Richard Branson’s Virgin Company. He has such an established brand identity and staff/team experience that everyone wants to be a part of it. At some stage of his business game he changed his focus inwardly to company culture and as such his staff now build his company. He has moved sideways from driving the business to driving the people.
Once your sales and market identity is established you must move sideways into leadership. Leaders co create, the do not control and the do not work alone. Ask yourself how are you scoring out of 10 as a leader. What is your retention rate in your business or team and how will it improve if you invest in some leadership training.
What makes our approach unique is how we mentor businesses to create empowering leadership. That is that the company serves it staff and teams better than it does it customers. This empowering leadership model comes from incentivising and creating platforms of personal development within your company culture. As we understand that your greatest brand identity is yourself, you are your business card, your staff and teams too are the reflection of this. Investing in your teams and staff in meaningful ways fast tracks loyalty and increases productivity.
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“Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example”

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