Reaping the rewards of assertiveness

August 11, 2015

The past 3 months has been a time of assertiveness and redirection for both of our businesses. Nic has spent the last 3 month diving into every corner and aspect of her business, stirring up the dust and spring cleaning each part so that it is effective as part of the whole. By making the committment to spend time in each department of her business Nic has a new respect of how each area works, what challenges it has and is working towards solutions.
Throughout this process Nic has had to be assertive within her teams, within her processses and within herself constantly holding herself accountable for the delay in productivity and profit that has been created. Taking personal responsibility and standing powerfully taking control has enabled new forecasting and opportunity for her business.
It took several, actually many many months for Nic to really step into this friendship. There was plenty of resistance, mainly around stepping into the vulnerability of sharing my life with someone after being alone in business for so long. Like our marriages this relationship has a huge committment around it. There is so much energy and intention that is placed into this relationship every day by us both and it took Nic a long time to commit to everything in our friendship.
You know what, even in her business Nic was hiding. Hiding in ignorance, however ignorance costs productivity and therefore costs you profit. Nic didn’t want to know about some areas of her business as it was out of her skill set and she had resistance to learninng new things. By stretching herself the last 3 months to learn new these essential workings of her business there are great rewards.
You can’t do better until you know better! However how much resistance is there to knowing better? Ignorance can cost you – in time and money.
Ali similarly has taken stock and shaken things up and is now reaping the rewards of her efforts. Through taking control and being assertive is how we create change.


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  • "Ali and Nicole are very talented entrepreneurs who really understand what success looks like and how to get there. They have an incredible partnership and together they have helped me to bring my business vision to life, by working out what could be holding me back and then by creating a step by step strategic plan on how to make sure I achieve it.
    They are fun, authentic and most importantly they are driven to help me get results.
    Katrina Webb - Director Silver 2 Gold- High Performance Solutions."

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    You impart your knowledge and wisdom with a zesty punch that is sure to motivate your subscribers!
    What is really striking however is how readily you share YOU. You have put on the table every aspect of your real selves; I feel humbled and grateful for this.
    Thank you for being honest and real; not only when exploring the processes of running a successful business, but for being YOU.
    Entrepreneurial Babes is a breath of fresh air - thank you for putting your stamp on the entrepreneurial world."

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